Ultimate Treatment (for natural hair) - Bonita Professional

Restorative Smoothing Treatment is formulated to repair and straighten fragile and undefined hair.
Its active ingredients, including a high keratin content, penetrate the hair cuticle, realigning the capillary fiber in a gentle reparative process.
This formula contains softening moisturizers, antioxidants and vitamins for deep nourishment. It is rich in natural fatty acids that form a protective
barrier on the hair, improving texture and appearance. It reduces hair volume and eliminates any frizz.  Smoothing Therapy Treatment can be applied to every
hair type and is compatible with all kinds of chemical processes and dyes.

+ Straightens fragile and undefined hair
+ Improves texture and appearance
+ Reduces hair volume and
+ eliminated frizz

Active ingredients
Hydrolyzed Keratin,
Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein

Ultimate Treatment (for natural hair)


Formulated to repair and straighten fragile and undefined hair

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