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The evolutionary Infra-Ceramic Blow Dryer, combined with the honeycomb-shaped heating element

Infrared Ceramic Hair Dryer

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Bonita Infrared Ceramic Hair Dryer is a professional, energy-efficient, lightweight, therapeutic hair dryer that uses far-infrared technology to heal the scalp.
The evolutionary Infra-Ceramic Blow Dryer, combined with honeycomb-shaped heating element and deep-penetrating infrared light technology, distributes heat evenly into hair and scalp with therapeutic effects, resulting in the repair of damaged and processed hair and also preventing hair loss in the early stages.
Entering the new phase of infrared technology, the Infra-Ceramic Dryer is equipped with a honeycomb-shaped ceramic which enables to focus gentle heat and air velocity while dissolving almost all EMF radiation radiated by the heating coils at the same time.
With the integration of the honeycomb component within the dryer, hair drying time is cut in half while infrared lights emitted from within the dryer heals damaged hair.
Infrared hair dryers emit longer energy waves than conventional dryers and can penetrate the hair cuticle, drying hair from the inside out. Not only is this gentler and less damaging to the surface of the hair, but it decreases drying time by 50%. Who couldn’t benefit from having their hair routine cut in half?
While infrared hair dryers are usually more expensive than regular hair dryers, their deep-penetrating heat is safer for your hair, which can be a godsend if you have color-treated, dry, or damaged hair. They are also brilliant at eliminating frizz and adding shine, especially when paired with negative ion technology. Because infrared heat actually feels cooler, there is less risk of scalp and skin burns, too.

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